Bunny-Hugger's Reviews of Animal-Friendly Items

Make up

by anonymous

We all (hopefully) know the atrocities committed by make up companies: rabbits with their eyes clamped open, a la Clockwork Orange, with chemicals dripped in day after day. In the LD50 test (Lethal Dose 50%), animals force-fed make up ingredients until 50% of them die; this test allegedly ensures that we won’t have toxic effects from eating with our lipstick on. Worse yet, studies show that these practices do not actually insure cosmetic safety. More humane tests, such as those done on naturally shed human skin or cloned, lab-grown human cells, offer more reliable results that happen to be cruelty-free.

I started supporting make up companies that do not animal test in my late teens. With my budget at the time, Avon and Revlon were my staples. Now that I have a larger income, I have branched out into some of the prestige lines, such as Too Faced, Clinique and my favorite, Urban Decay. Each company has its benefits and drawbacks.


Honestly, I don’t use Avon any longer. The process of trying to figure out what a color really looks like on a glossy catalog page or a computer monitor is too hit-and-miss. If Avon had a store where I could view the products, I would gladly purchase them. I do, however, hear rave reviews of their moisturizers and age defense creams. I was virtually raised on Skin So Soft (it moisturizes and repels mosquitoes!) and have fond memories of it. I whole heartedly endorse Avon, but I’m a hands-on gal. I have five different purple eye liners and I use them all. I need to see shade number six!


I’ve tried Clinique, Too Faced, and Urban Decay foundations and powders, but I always go back to Revlon. The price is right and this stuff stays on my face, without making me break out! Their Photoready foundation did make me break out, but it does work well for photos, giving a nice surface for light to bounce off of, so I keep it around for occasional wear. I use the ColorStay on a daily basis and won’t give it up (though I did try many other more pricey brands, thinking they must be better ... but Revlon topped them all). I also adore their Double Twist mascara, which doesn’t flake off into raccoon-eye smudges and does an exceptional job of adding extraordinary volume to lashes. I have Revlon eyeshadows and lipsticks, but I don’t find they share the lasting power of Revlon foundations, so I don’t use them that often.


Most folks rave about Clinique’s foundations and powders. I rave about their lipsticks. I tried four different powders and three foundations and was never quite satisfied, largely due to product fade. I’m a professor and I often teach from 8 am to 10 pm. I want a product that will still be on my face at that time; as much as I adore Clinique for the first four to six hours it’s on my face, that was as much as I ever got out of it. On the upside, I use Clinique products on a daily basis. Their All About Eyes De-Puffing Serum is my early morning best friend. I also use their All About Eyes Rich Eye Cream and Youth Surge Night Cream, which made a visible difference in the tiny lines and such that I started seeing in my 30s. I simply do not go out without Clinique’s Redness Solutions Primer, which neutralizes the red flush we pasty-white Scandinavians get without looking all green and streaky like so many color correction products. Beyond that, my go-to lipsticks are always Clinique (Angel Red and Cranberry Crème); these lipsticks go on, stay on, stay put, and keep off my teeth, all without drying. What more can I ask of lipsticks? The staff at the counters always say Clinique isn’t a “color company,” but I adore the colors they have. Ask the staff to help you choose the right shade for you. I did and was pointed to something I would have never chosen myself (Cranberry Crème, which I thought too dark for me), but it was the best choice for me and I get constant compliments when I wear it.

Too Faced

Too Faced offers wonderful colors and products, particularly primers, but my experience has been buyer beware. I use their Lip Primer and Eyeshadow Primer every day; I’ve never found anything better. Other products, mostly eye liners, have been disappointing: they don’t last and they burn my eyes. I bought what I thought was a marvelous product – a clear eyeliner that you swirl in eyeshadow to create (gasp!) more colors of eyeliner than you previously had – but it left muted, pale steaks that disappeared from my lids in a few hours. Still, other items – said primers, Brow Envy, eye shadows – are phenomenal and highly recommended.

Urban Decay

What can I say? I’m a sucker marketing. Urban Decay’s slick and gritty packaging and naming strategies draw me in; I’m an LA girl who ended up living in the Colorado foothills. I miss my urban diva self and Urban Decay fulfills that need … somewhat. They are, by far, my favorite make up company. Their liquid eyeliners stay on my eyes (in such pretty colors!) until I take them off, even after the previously mentioned fourteen hour days. I get all tingly when faced with their wide range of color choices for eye liner. Their pencil liners come in so many shades that I could work a second job just to buy all the ones I like. Three of the five shades of purple I have are Urban Decay (Asphyxia, 1999, Rockstar … and Ecstasy and Crash in liquids … oh, and ). Nothing electrifies my green eyes like purple and UD has the shade variety to keep me from getting bored with my look (quite a challenge – I go through three hair colors a year due to boredom). Many people have raved about UD’s Shadow Potion – an eye shadow primer – but I found that it worked only marginally better than nothing (so I use Too Faced primer). The same goes with their powders. Otherwise, this is a go-to company for color junkies!

There’s no excuse for living off the suffering of others, particularly animals who are powerless to protect themselves from our actions. You can easily live a cruelty-free (or more cruelty-free, at least) life, without giving up quality!