Day I Was In Dallas

by Michael Raffaele

Who killed Kennedy? Who killed President Kennedy? CIA Sam Giancana Cuban exiles Fidel Castro Russian KGB- I’ve even been told it was the first lady herself- watch the Zupruder film you’ll see!

I’ve been watching and reading and listening to this shit for years-
So the other day I decided Enough is Enough- I’m going back to November 22nd 1963 and I’m getting to the bottom of this.

So I smoked an imaginary joint rolled with history book paper and conspiracy hash sprinkled with the truth’s angel dust androgyny- and I went to Dallas in my mind filled with nonexistent drugs and democracy ready to put an end to all the horrible nonsense of history.

Suddenly I found myself standing on the grass of Dealey Plaza- across from the picket fence just a ways down from the Book Depository- and everybody was cheering the motorcade was only a minute away-

And this lady in a red dress was standing next to me and was so excited as JFK’s car started turning from Houston onto Elm Street- and she hooked my arm as if we were walking down isles of assassination together- and she started jumping up and down with the depository and the oncoming destruction behind her all giddy and gloating The President is coming, The President is coming!

And I shouted annoyed with the shitty destiny of it all Yeah I know he’s coming, lady!- I’ve known about it for years now- you shouldn’t be this excited!

And at that moment I received a text message from 2010 hey man what’s up want to meet up for lunch? And I entered back to my future called a friend can’t right now 1963 staring at the sixth floor window don’t see shit yet.

And then the shots started to ring out and Kennedy grabbed his throat-and I was looking for where the firing was coming from- but couldn’t tell what were echoes and what was history and what was really happening- what was my own paranoia not wanting to see too much and be a witness who disappeared way before I was ever born that’s some Back to the Future shit!-

As I quickly learned that even the pas is unpredictable-
And before I knew it Kennedy’s head came flying off but I forgot to look towards the fence- Fuck me! – and the brains hit the noonday Texas sunlight creating a sort of violet rain over the sounds of cold war breathing and indecipherable chaos and Jacqueline’s screams I’ve got his brains in my hand! Followed by the sound of nonserious historians traveling back from time Yes we know First lady but where did the bullet come from!?

And everybody around me by this time was screaming and started running towards the picket fence- and they were shouting the shots came from over there! behind the fence- run! We gotta get the shooter! And I just stood where I was with the knowledge of the truth never existing to begin with- knowing that even the past fakes the future- and I cuffed my hands around my mouth and shouted towards the crowd You’re all wasting your time!

And then I started to walk up the street and back into downtown- away from Dealey Plaza and the depression of all that desperate democracy- and I was stopped by a Dallas policeman wearing a badge of historical scowl and wanted to know what I saw-

And before he could even ask me the entire question I launched into it:
Yeah Yeah officer, I already know- three shots from that book depository over there by a crazy communist in a white tee shirt- and officer I am willing to testify that I saw one of the shots become a Magic Bullet- and it hit the President in the back and then came up up through his throat and then went into Governor Connely- and officer it all happened so fast but I’m pretty sure I even saw the bullet wink at me mid air- it gave me a thumbs up as if to say here’s to the grave! And it appeared as though it even laid in the air for a few minutes to get a tan in the Texas sunshine- and I even screamed deeply concerned inside don’t get burned you crazy bullet!- the sixties knows little about skin cancer! Oh Officer, the physics of our freedom- it’s incredible! No need to ask me anything more Officer I’ve already read the Commission’s report Earl Warren kicks ass the CIA never hired Oswald as a contract agent- and that crowd over there by the fence are a bunch of nuts they’re saying the shots came from the front- dem liberals are nutting but a bunch of liars- where do I sign my statement- I’ve got shit to do!

And the officer looked at me aloof and said in his thick accent Boy what in da hell are you on? And then as he walked away I said Oh yeah officer one more thing- have fun with Lyndon Johnson- Vietnam will stand for victory!

Then I decided to go over to the suburb of Oak Cliff and watch this Lee Harvey Oswald character get arrested at the Texas Theatre-
And there was an angry mob gathering and the police were already inside- and I stood outside the ticket window waiting for history to happen-
But as Oswald was being brought out I found myself distracted by the movie advertisements on the marquis-
And I ran up to the ticket seller and shouted seventy-five cents for a movie ticket!? The future sucks! Whatever happened to the grandfather clause!

And then Oswald was being ushered right by me and I saw my chance- and I reached into my pocket and grabbed my digital camera and prepared for a pose- and I raised my camera above me as I leaned towards Lee Harvey and snapped a quick shot as he winced in pain and I winked in prophecy- and in an instant the photo of Oswald and I was all the way in to the future onto my twitter account: update: hanging with the Harv in Big D!

And as he was being ushered into the police car Oswald shouted out his famous line I’m just a patsy!- to which I shouted back Hey that’s cool, man- at least you’re somebody!

And then I noticed Jack Ruby standing right next to me- and I caught his eye and he looked at me cautious and we exchanged that awkward nod of heads- and then I held out my hand and introduced myself to him: Hi, I’m Jack Ruby, nice to meet you- and his eyes widened and he aggressively answered My name is Jack Ruby!- and I laughed sarcasm into the sidenotes of history – and I said Would you look at that- I’m Jack Ruby- you’re Jack Ruby- two Jack Rubys stalking the same presidential assassin- what are the odds! And then I leaned into his ear and whispered You have no idea how spooky this whole thing is about to get. And Jack then started walking fast and frightened down the street into the past as I looked towards the future feeling my job there was done.

But as I brisked through the brisk decades before I was born back into the present day I realized I hadn’t done my job-

That I was simply laughing at lives taken away- no longer motivated by mysteries that pile atop one another to create whatever is to be American-

Realizing my citizenship is just part of the scenery-
That it doesn’t matter anymore- none of it-
That the future of everything is sick of all the ancestry being so serious and the past being so painful-
The truth becoming tiresome along the way and now the world just turns to the point of transparency-
With all the plots and cover ups and technology plotting to cover up the meaning of time-

So now I just laugh about it all-
And build time machines in my brain and make light of all the things we’ve lost-
Partly ashamed and partly exhilarated by the deplorable things I said and did the day I was in Dallas.

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