My Mouth

by anonymous


Eats strawberries
each like it’s the last one
the Earth will ever grow
Licks melting marshmallows
off the top of hot chocolate
with a pink pointed tongue
Yells “fuck you” to motorists
more often than it should
but there really are too many stupid people
It teaches students
or at least tells them things they should know
while their iPhones prove more captivating
My mouth cries and sobs
slick and messy dripping with agony
distorted into a square and inarticulate
with expression
Surreptitiously eats the last of the ice cream
standing in the kitchen in panties and florescent light
Wraps around your cock
alternating pressure and speed
until you make that face and it smiles
catlike and satisfied while you worship it
Says I love you and means it
says I’m fine today, thanks and lies
And keeps silent all these secrets
only my fingers can tell for shame


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