I live in Dallas Texas, where I spend every day of my working life on a wine sales floor.

Before that, I did many things:  I played classical violin (although I was nobody’s prodigy) and viola, and I played bass in almost every garage band at my high school.  I gave up music for academia when I started school in Austin, where I lived the Slacker dream in the UT philosophy department and planned on a lifetime of teaching and writing.  After a couple of years of bouncing around between Europe and San Francisco, I burned out in grad school, got my masters’ degree and left, eventually heading back to San Francisco for culinary school in hopes that someday the grad school scars might fade and I could write again, applying everything I’d absorbed about history and culture to the things I love the most:  wine and food.

After 10 years of writers’ block, the dam broke a few months ago.  What you see here is the result.

Obviously, I’m obsessed with wine.   It’s a prism that refracts into everything imaginable.

When I’m not at work (here or at the store), I’m probably in the yoga studio.