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From experimental beat author William S Burroughs' novel, Cities of the Red Night: Naufana, the city of illusion, "where nothing is true and therefore everything is permitted." These were said to be the last words of Hassan-I Sabbah, late 11th century Persian scholar, mystic, assassin.

Kelly McCormack created Naufana.com in 1998 as a personal website for his artwork. It has since been reinvented as a collaborative platform for artistic expression in the e-zine model.

Naufana.com dedicated to Alistair Ramsdale

Naufana.com is dedicated to Alistair Summers Ramsdale. friend, dungeonmaster, partner in crime, hero. -KM


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Kelly McCormack images, articles, reviews - head cheese, founder, creative director, code monkey, and pixel pusher of Naufana.com

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Michael Raffaele poetry

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